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Central Oregon Trips, Rentals, and Classes

Discovering the Deschutes River and Beyond

Central Oregon is a thriving community that beckons those who seek a unique and a true NW experience. Dubbed the “outdoor playground” for many good reasons, Bend area is known for both it’s outdoor pursuits and natural beauty. We invite you to pursue these experiences at Base Camp Adventures.

A new trend has taken to the waterways…Stand Up Paddle boarding has become an exhilarating and popular way to explore Central Oregon’s pristine waters. Base Camp offers rental equipment, lessons, tours, and SUP Fitness Yoga classes.  Feel free to ask staff for route suggestions or Cascade lakes paddling locations based on your experience levels. Beginner or experienced paddlers are able to select equipment to meet their needs.

Half day, full day and multi-day rentals available. We are happy to assist you in securing your equipment to your roof rack on your vehicle as you head out to explore. We offer a variety of SUP boards. Touring, all-around and Yoga specific boards available. Base Camp’s equipment is not your typical rental fleet. We have a variety of new boards purchased Spring of 2017. No doubt, you’ll be eager to take to the water, with this top of the line paddle board fleet.

Rental Rates: (includes: SUP board, paddle, PFD, leash)

1 hour – $17.00 | ½ day (4 hours) – $45.00 | Full day ( 24 hours ) – $55.00

SUP paddling is something everyone can enjoy, it really is as easy as it looks. With instruction from Base Camp, you’ll be paddling off to explore in no time at all. We offer beginning and intermediate SUP lessons. All lessons include introduction to the history of SUP paddling, sharing knowledge of equipment and water safety. paddling stroke technique and turns. Base Camp advocates preservation of local waters and stewardship on every outing. Check the Local Motion calendar for details, dates and times.

Lesson Rates: (Includes: Instruction, SUP board, paddle, PFD, leash)

1 hour group lesson– $25.00 (minimum 4) | 1 hour private lesson– $45.00

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding offers a low impact and full body workout. SUP is great for balance, coordination and engages both core and upper body strength. Are you looking for a new challenge to your regular work out regime?  Yes, please! Come on out for a Paddle Strong class.

Our unique yoga infused work-out is modified for SUP boards. Not only does the Paddle Strong class build lean core strength but will enhance your balance and flexibility at the same time. Win//Win!!!  This class consists of a quick introduction of equipment and water safety, followed by a warm-up paddle on the river. Each student then will anchor their boards close for instruction. We move at a gentle pace on your board as you balance the mind, and work the core through movement, meditation and postures. Great for beginners as moves are held to slowly release tension, free the joints, cleanse the body and enable the mind to quiet, finally allowing for blissful relaxation on your board leaving you feeling happy and free!

Class lead by Lori, our certified WPA L1 Instructor and Paddle Into Fitness Ambassador. Sign up for class either online or at our kiosk location near the Eagle Crest Sports Center or call Base Camp.

Mondays at 5:00pm | 1 hour  $20.00 (class minimum of 4)(Include SUP Board, Paddle, PFD, Leash and Anchor)

“Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander….walk upon the waters.

Begin your day anew amongst the beautiful nature and wildlife while finding your flow. Come share your energy and love for nature while paddling and exploring balancing moves on the paddle board. This class is open to children and adults alike.

SUP Sunrise paddlers savor the summer sun on their shoulders and pure SOL-itutde! Base Camp has a fresh take on stretching variations and modifications so everyone can work at their own ability level. SUP SUNRISE class consists of a quick introduction of equipment and water safety, followed by a warm-up paddle on the river. Each student then will anchor their boards close for instruction. We practice slow stretches and some core strength work. We wind down while listening to the birds sing and a blissful float that will quiet your mind and lift your spirit. Not only is our SUP SUNRISE class filled with mindful meditation that allows you to feel connected…strong…and bonded, but it is known to sometimes be a spiritual experience too.

Class lead by Lori, our certified WPA and Paddle Into Fitness Ambassador. Sign up for class online, at our location near Sports Center or call Base Camp.

Saturdays at 800am | 1 hour  $20.00 (class minimum of 4)(Include SUP Board, Paddle, PFD, Leash and Anchor)

“We promote responsible river recreation. We practice the Leave No Trace philosophy. Base Camp supports the Deschutes River Conservancy, a non-profit organization working to restore streamflow and improving water quality.”

We’ll take to the water for star gazing and scenic views with our boards aglow.  Enjoy the celestial lights shimmering on the waters, truly a sight to be seen! Come join us for this memorable, magical evening enjoying the star lit Central Oregon Skies.

Check the Local Motion calendar for this fun filled family adventure and sign up for tour online, at our kiosk  location near Sports Center.

1 hour– $17.00 per person includes glow sticks + solar lanterns provided plus a sup board, paddle, PFD and leash (group minimum of 8)

Base Camp is dog friendly. Yep, you bet, we welcome your sidekick to join us on the water. SUP Pup paddling can be a bit more challenging so the experienced paddler only. We have boards with attached dog mat/traction pad for our paddling companions. (Their very own yoga mat, of sorts). Please bring your own dog PFD. SUP Dog Paddle lesson is about getting out and being active with your pooch while interacting with others. SUP PUP will help you learn how to balance like a pro on your Stand-Up paddle board with your dog!

Lesson includes dog treats for your pup!

1 hour -$35.00 (minimum 4 humans + 4 dog paddlers)

As a business owner, do you look for opportunities for a new approach to a Board Meeting? Do you think outside the box for a new spin on the traditional employee meeting? Then Base Camp has the answer. We offer rental equipment packages for Corporations/Small businesses.

This package includes transportation of entire paddle board fleet to your destination.  A great way to promote camaraderie and team building for your employees. A great way to either kick off the busy season or bring your summer to a close with a company family picnic. Inquire for rates.

Rates Depend on Group Size, Dates and Location of Paddle.